A specific focus on auditing, accounting appraisals and budgetary analysis.

Counting More

Counting More

What we can do for you

We mainly conduct examinations of financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Standard on the Limited Statutory Examination.

For this purpose we are prepared to be appointed as Statutory Auditors of your company and to perform the necessary duties once a year.

We also carry out accounting controls, analyze your financial statements and advise you on matters relating to their presentation.

How we work

We are aware that in your everyday job activities you are compelled to abide by a constantly rising number of regulations, undergo more and more checks and face increasing bureaucracy.

While accomplishing our tasks, we are therefore committed to collaborate with you in order to always ensure simplicity and allow you to focus on you core business, to the benefit of your stakeholders and the community as a whole.

Delivering more

In addition to being specialized in the specific field of SME’s auditing, we can count on solid skills in business economics, entrepreneurship, management and marketing, acquired in Switzerland and abroad, that enable us to understand the many different aspects of your organization.

A further added value

Besides drawing on the valuable assistance of experts, tax practitioners, lawyers, asset managers, insurers and property developers as well as of professionals in finance, marketing, communication, human resources and information technology, we can rely on the partnership with the accounting firm Contam SA.

Accounting services

For your bookkeeping, payroll and administration needs please contact Contam SA.

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